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The Seattle Boat Show is wrapping up today and tomorrow. Doug has seen the new drone video on a loop all week, and would LOVE to have you stop by the booth.

Spring 2016, the Year of the Tolly, Has Sprung!

Once again, at Pacific Fiberglass spring bustling. And, again as usual, we see a lot of Tollycrafts come through for their annual checkup, fixup or spruceup. It’s a testimony to their quality

Proud Lady Gets a Facelift

UPDATE: With her seams recaulked and and the Pacific Fiberglass paint job glowing, Proud Lady is nearly ready to hit the water and have all eyes on her once again!   The

Pacific Fiberglass – The Store!

We’ve opened a store! Over the years it’s become clear to us that there’s a need for some basic supplies here at Canal boatyard, both for our own customers and do-it-yourselfers. We’ve

March Projects

Not surprisingly, things are hopping around Pacific Fiberglass and our corner of Canal Boatyard. Fittingly, we have a little bit of everything, a major repair, and extensive modification, a simple spruce up

Work for Us!

Pacific Fiberglass is looking for skilled workers to fill key positions as we grow. Our pay is above scale, our benefits are generous, and it’s a great working environment. Specifically, we are

Schedule Now

It is great to see so many boats in for repairs, paint and general sprucing up. We’re happy for the work, and we want to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Bottom Paint

We make it easy. Give us a call a we’ll get you on the schedule. We’ll get you in and out quickly, and while we’re at give your entire boat a checkup.