Pacific Fiberglass – The Store!


We’ve opened a store! Over the years it’s become clear to us that there’s a need for some basic supplies here at Canal boatyard, both for our own customers and do-it-yourselfers. We’ve stocked it with the boatyard basics, basically the things you’re likely to need to get the job, whatever it is, done. Following is a partial list of what we have stocked so far. If you can think of some other items, please send us the suggestions.


• Antifouling


We know you love to sand.

• Trays

• Gloves

• Safety gear

• Paper suits

• Brushes

• Rollers

• Rags

• Tape

• Epoxy

• Zincs (several sizes)


And we know you hate to run out for six screws!

• Sanding materials

• Caulk

• Mixing containers

• Stainless fasteners