Current Projects


A whole new bottom, a real swim step and a classic Olympian. Here are some of the projects we’ve recently completed or are up to our Tyveks in.

When an owner wants to keep a classic yacht safe and beautiful, we’ll go all-out to make that happen. Such is the case with this classic 1970s Hatteras. Nearly everything has been updated on the vessel except one thing, the hull below the waterline. The laminate was wet enough to require two peels, and now the hull is quickly drying out. When the moisture meter agrees, we will have to do some glass work before applying the barrier coats and, of course bottom paint. When done, this 40-something lady will put a lot of younger gals to shame.





IMG_4932This project is complete, but it turned out so well we just have to share. This Nordhavn needed a bigger swim step. In our area there’s some swimming to be done, but that’s not really a swim step’s primary use. The swim step is an invaluble feature in marinas with low docks or while boarding dinghies in those lovely anchorages around the Northwest. The owner wanted a swim step done right, and this result made the owner very happy. If your swim step needs help, give us a shout.





IMG_4938It’s not often we do a blister job on an open 22′ sailboat. But this is no ordinary 22-footer. The Tempest was an Olympic class in the 1972 and 1976. The great Dennis Conner won a bronze medal in the Tempest class in the 1976 Olympics. A single trapeze keelboat, the Tempest is usually dry-sailed. This one spent much of its life in the wet stored and has some blisters to show for it. She’ll be back in the water shortly, looking great, with some barrier protection for the future.