Friends Tell Friends about Pacific Fiberglass


While we prefer to let our work do our talking, it’s nice to hear others say nice things to each other about our work.946787_458391324245731_845753173_n

Dan Blair was recently pointed in our direction by his friend Cliff Fenlason. Dan’s beautiful Camper and Nicholson cruiser needed a couple of repairs, and he reported back to Cliff:

Hi Cliff,
I wanted to thank you for referring me to Pacific Fiberglass for the repairs to Salt.  They did a great job and the repair looks fantastic.  They were able to get me in and out in time for a boating commitment that I have this weekend.  I found them to be very professional, accommodating and easy to talk with.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of repair.

Dan Blair

Here are some more of Dan’s thoughts:

Pacific Fiberglass did a fantastic job.
The boat is a 1974 Camper & Nicholson 48.  The anchor roller and forestay plate broke loose and cracked part of the deck.  They removed the plate, reinforced and repaired the deck.  The plate was then re-attached and through bolted it to the hull. 10385304_648635875221274_8729461775733531379_n
I also had them remove four brackets on the cabin top.  They were able to match the non-skid texture and color and it looks as though nothing was ever there.  I do not know how they were able to match the color, especially since it is all original and 45 years old.

Working with Dan was a pleasure, and we helping keep these high quality classics in top condition and looking good.