Raven Gets a New Stern

Like most boat owners, Tim Pine had a pretty clear idea how to improve his boat. Unlike most owners, he decided to draw up what was in his head an take that to the experts to execute. When all is said and done, the Alaska-based Raven will have a new integral swim step plus wells for a hot tub. This is the kind of unique project that a lot of shops aren’t that interested in tackling. We love a challenge and helping owners get exactly what they want, no matter what complications arise.

Here is Raven before work started:

Here’s Raven after the initial prep work:


The glasswork has commenced. Doug and Juan suited up and dived in.

As the weather warms up and as the waterfront starts to buzz with motors and rumble with diesels, Raven is already moving toward completion. Extension in place, but still lots of work to do.


Every day Raven gets a little closer. The devil is in the details, and here are some of the mockups being put together before commencing with the finishing work.

Shelley got these shots as Kyle was beginning glasswork on the swim step.

And the finished product met expectations all the way around.