The Pacific Fiberglass crew has a passion for doing the highest quality work.

We have been located at Canal Boatyard since 1989, and have access to long-term indoor facilities for painting and major renovation.

We take pride in delivering the best topsides LP paint jobs available anywhere.

Commercial marine operators appreciate quality work and count on Pacific Fiberglass, whether for a fiberglass fish-hold or topsides paint on their aluminum seiner.

Doug gives personal attention to every project, so the client can count on straight answers and clear explanations.


Work for Us!

Pacific Fiberglass is looking for skilled workers to fill key positions as we grow. Our pay is above scale, our benefits are generous, and it’s a great working environment. Specifically, we are

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It is great to see so many boats in for repairs, paint and general sprucing up. We’re happy for the work, and we want to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Bottom Paint

We make it easy. Give us a call a we’ll get you on the schedule. We’ll get you in and out quickly, and while we’re at give your entire boat a checkup.